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a radio drama
for a trio of actors

& chamber ensemble

The tale of the New Orleans Axeman is a spooky one! At the conclusion of the 1919 Spanish Flu, a murderer crept through the streets causing mass hysteria. And apparently he loved jazz music. He wrote an op-ed to the Times-Picayune addressing the townsfolk of New Orleans, instructing each and every one of them, to play jazz music and a life would be spared. Presented as a radio drama for a trio of actors and accompanying jazz-based chamber ensemble, Axeman delves into the psychology of making profit off human suffering and an exploration of the American Dream. 

music by Whitney E. George

text by Bea Goodwin

Recorded at Scholes Studio, Brooklyn NY - March 2021
Audio Engineering/Mastering by Evan Tyor

Performed by The Curiosity Cabinet:
Andrew Hadro, Tenor Saxophone
Evan Runyon, Double Bass
Joe Tucker, Percussion
Edward Forstman, Piano
Whitney George, Conductor


-with special guests-

Shabazz Green, Narrator

Geoff Pictor, Secondary Roles

Mikayla Petrilla, Vocalist

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