founded in 2000,

​artistic director

& conductor since 2010

The Contemporary Music Ensemble (CME) of the CUNY Graduate Center was founded in 2000 by conductor and composer Josh Feltman. Dedicated to playing pieces of chamber orchestra repertoire from the 20 and 21st centuries, the ensemble also takes two composers-in-residence for each concert season to workshop and premiere their works.

The ensemble is a combination of collaborative instrumental forces from the CUNY schools, CUNY graduates, and NY freelancing musicians. Besides having premiered over a dozen new works by PhD CUNY Graduate Center composers, the CME has been involved in the inaugural and 2nd annual CUNY-wide New Music Festival. Conductor and composer Whitney George has been directing the ensemble since 2010 and composer Inés Thiebaut has been assistant conductor since 2012.

[standard repertoire]


selections from Sonnets from Shakespeare

Miriam Gideon (Spring 2014)


Music for the Theater

Aaron Copland (Fall 2013)


Appalachian Spring : Suite for 13 Instruments

Aaron Copland (Spring 2013)


selections from L'Histoire du soldat

Igor Stravinsky (Fall 2012)

Exotic Birds (Oiseaux exotiques)

Olivier Messiaen (Spring 2012)


Chamber Symphony, Op. 9

Arnold Schoenberg (Fall 2011)



Edgar Varese (Spring 2011)

Dumbarton Oaks

Igor Stravinsky (Fall 2010)


[premieres & performances

of original works by composers:]

Nina C. Young

Rebekah Driscoll

Harry Stafylakis

Whitney George

Casey Hale

David Bridges

Ines Thiebaut

Angelica Negron

Nicholas R. Nelson

Andre Bregegere

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founded in 2009, ​

artistic director & conductor


Founded in 2009 by composer and conductor Whitney George, The Curiosity Cabinet is a chamber orchestra dedicated to performing works of the 20th/21st-century standard repertoire and premiering works by living composers working in interdisciplinary mediums. The group began as a Pierrot Ensemble, and has since grown into a collective of more than 20 instrumentalists and 6 singers, with a core group of 10 performers and a conductor. The ensemble has been involved in a variety of festivals and performances in New York and the east coast since it’s creation. In 2010, the ensemble was awarded the Robert Engelman Award for the premiere performance of George’s 50-minute monodrama 'The Yellow Wallpaper'. In the Spring of 2011, the ensemble premiered a 13-movement work written for the ensemble by George entitled 'The Anatomy of the Curiosity Cabinet'. This performance won the CUNY Graduate Center's prestigious Robert Starer Award. In the same year, the ensemble premiered selections of a new opera by David Bridges, and was the ensemble-in-residence at the annual Hartford Women Composers' Festival. This Fall season, the ensemble will be in-residence with Concrete Timbre’s artist collective for a Satie-inspired work titled 'Un Lieu de Vie', and in the Spring of 2015, the ensemble is collaborating with puppeteer Daniel Fay for a collaborative performance at the Standard Toykraft Theater in Brooklyn. Since 2011, the ensemble has been involved in the annual NY-wide "Composers Now" event. The group has performed works by composers Whitney George, David Bridges, Ellen O'Meara, Miriam Gideon, Faye-Ellen Silverman, and Karen Powers.

​[premieres of original works

by Whitney George]

selections from 

Night, like velvet: in twelve letters

llusion from The Crimson Hand

Visual Training

Inferno: the Nine Circles of Suffering

The Anatomy of the Curiosity Cabinet

The Yellow Wallpaper

The Fall of the House of Usher

The Tell Tale Heart

Stained Glass

And Thus the Whirligig of Time

Brings in his Revenges

​[premieres of other works]

​selections from The Lady with the Dog

David Bridges

Opening for Ardor

Ellen O'Meara

pink fluffy alarmetts still sound

Karen Power

No Strings

Faye Ellen Silverman


since 2010




Low Brass Connection

Variations on America

Charles Ives

Carelessly Open, Something Unsaid, the Phone off the Hook

Whitney George

Too Suite

David Taylor

(Sounds After the Oil War in Austria & Germany- Summer 2014)


Fresh Squeezed Opera

La Zombiata

Jillian Flexner

(Baruch in New York- Summer 2014)


New York Trombone Consort

Too Suite

David Taylor

(NY Spring 2014 Tour)


The String Orchestra of Brooklyn

Pillars of Light

Doron Sadja


Catherine Lamb

(String Theories at Roulette- Spring 2014)

The Noveau Classical Project

Early Lyrics

Huck Hodge

(Composers NOW at Symphony Space- Spring 2013)

Fred Ho's Green Monster Big Band​

Sweet Science Suite

Fred Ho

(Guggenheim Museum- Fall 2011)


Black Liberation Suite

Cal Massey

(Recording for CD release- Spring 2011)

Ursula Oppens's ConTempo Ensemble​

selections from Time Cycle

Lukas Foss

(Brooklyn College- Spring 2010)