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October 8th, 2020

Musicology Horror Show

Episode No 1:

The Devil's Interval

Join composers Kamala Sankaram and Whitney George, and diva Joanie Brittingham on a journey through horror in music, music for horror, and all things haunted, scary, and monstrous throughout music history.


June 26th at 8pm EST

Press Start to Begin:
a Survey of Video Game Music

Come with cartridges cleaned and a fresh pair of AA batteries in your Game Boy as we enjoy some retro classics and how they have inspired some current greats. 


In this Olio, we begin with the critical gaming system of the 1970s—the Atari—its competitors—and other arcade classics: Space Invaders. PacMan. Ride the wave of technological advancements from the 80's (Super Mario Bros.) Examine what the Golden Age leaves behind through the 90's and 00's, and discuss classics and characters that have lived on through generations. Zelda. Final Fantasy. Time permitting, we conclude by discussing the transformation brought by digital distribution, and the reinvention of indie games in the modern era (Untitled Goose Game).


::to be announced soon::

Deep Listening:
Fiona Apple's The Idler Wheel...

The Idler Wheel Is Wiser 

Than the Driver of the Screw 

and Whipping Cords Will Serve You 

More Than Ropes Will Ever Do

In this Olio, we'll engage in a deep listening to The Idler Wheel... as well as pre- and post-listening conversations. We'll kick off our session with a brief discussion of the artist and the album, followed by the listening session. Viewers are requested to use headphones, turn off video, and alter their space to enhance the experience. During the album, I will guide you through the listening with "cue cards" that I'll project via Zoom. So, I won't be talking over the music, but "writing" over it in real-time to help you understand some of the deeper musical, lyrical, and timbral details. After the album, we'll come back and discuss some of what we heard and re-listen to tracks as requested. 

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June 4th 2020


A film opera commissioned by New Camerata Opera based on the life of Julie d’Aubigny, from composer Whitney George and librettist Wallis Darke.


A swashbuckling, bisexual swordswoman and opera singer alive during the 17th-century, d'Aubigny fought to cultivate a world in which those who misbehaved got what they deserved. The film, entitled "Julie", tells her incredible story, which emphasizes the importance of courage in the face of adversity and the pursuit of equality for all. 

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August 4th, 2020

Young Musicians Guide
Interview with Whitney George

Aaron K. Campbell's

Young Musicians Guide Podcast

Episode No. 5, Season 3

Composer and Conductor Whitney George and Musician and Podcast Host, Aaron Campbell discuss the challenges of juggling a portfolio music career, staying true to yourself and your own interests, how to maintain a good standing with the other musicians you work with, and much more. 


May 21st at 8pm EST

David Lynch
& the Signature Touch: Music & Cinema

Through the darkness of future’s past

The magician longs to see.

One chants out between two worlds…

“Fire… walk with me.”

In this Olio, we’ll watch selections of Lynch’s most iconic projects: Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks* and Mulholland Drive and explore the process under which the music was created, how it serves the narrative and visuals, and what parallels these moments expose - in what I call the “Lynch Vocabulary.” A unique language created and refined over his continuing body of works.