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Fizz & Ginger traces the steps of the 1920s New Yorker nightlife reviewer, Lipstick (Sarah Goldrainer/Caroline Miller), as she enters a party in pursuit of a story. Hot on the heels of her rum running boyfriend Benny (Shane Brown), she finds him at The Crossroads mixed with company she’s never seen before. Old Tom Bullock (Kyle Oliver) is in town slinging drinks fresh out of his cocktail book while Marjorie (Allison Gish/Francesca Federico) croons the tunes of a lover lost to the Great War. Nellie, (MaKayla McDonald) a writer for Harlem’s The Messenger magazine, is there to support her Bohemian best friend Bruce (Francisco Corredor) who is necking with a man he shouldn’t be necking with. With a supporting ensemble (Vanessa Aldrich, Alonso Jordan Lopez, Angky Budiardjono) these 11 singers with a six-piece jazz combo, pays homage to Lipstick’s reviews from the New Yorker archives.


The Curiosity Cabinet in partnership with Fresh Squeezed Opera will premiere a jazz opera Fizz & Ginger.


This production reunites composer/conductor Whitney George and librettist/stage director Bea Goodwin after their critically acclaimed opera Princess Maleine and radio drama tryptic In the Throes of Death. Their newest work features members and friends of The Curiosity Cabinet.


Designer Attilio Rigotti with Glitch Productions will create an underground installation in the cellar of The New York Comedy Club in New York’s Lower East Side where audiences are free to drink, dance and immerse themselves in the speakeasy scene.

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