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JUNE 2023

Fizz & Ginger traces the steps of the 1920s New Yorker nightlife reviewer, Lipstick, as she enters a party in pursuit of a story. Hot on the heels of her rum-running boyfriend Benny, she finds him at The Crossroads, an underground speakeasy, mixed with company she’s never seen before. Old Tom Bullock is in town slinging drinks fresh out of his cocktail book while Marjorie croons the tunes of a lover lost to the Great War. Nellie, a writer for Harlem’s The Messenger magazine, is there to support her Bohemian best friend Bruce who is necking with a man he shouldn’t be in cahoots with. With an ensemble these twelve singers supported by a six-piece live jazz combo, pays homage to Lipstick’s reviews from the New Yorker archives.

Monday, June 26th 2023 - New York Comedy Club

Sarah Goldrainer/Caroline Miller - Lipstick (& Ens)
MaKayla McDonald - Nellie
Allison Gish/Francesca Federico - Marjorie (& Ens)
Shane Brown - Benny
Frankie Corredor - Bruce
Kyle Oliver - Old Tom
Alonso Jordan Lopez, Angky Budiardjono, Vanessa Aldrich - Ensemble
Scott Cagney - Moe

The Curiosity Cabinet
Dan Pearson - Tenor Sax
Hugh Ash - Trumpet
Colin Babcock - Trombone
Edward Forstman - Piano
Tamika Gorski - Drumset
Evan Runyon - Double Bass
Whitney George - Conductor

Bea Goodwin
Tara Forseth
Whitney George
& Margaret Goldrainer

Karina Hyland
Orsolya Szantho
& Attilio Rigotti
and Ellery Pierce

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