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Princess Maleine, a retelling of a Maeterlinck play, is based on a Brothers Grimm tale. The princess is expected to marry Prince Hjalmar, of a neighboring kingdom, but their fathers start a war. Maleine is consigned to a tower but escapes with her handmaiden. Boldly concealing her identity, she becomes a servant in the house of Hjalmar. The prince is by now engaged to Ursula, whose mother Queen Anne has insinuated herself into King Hjalmar’s court. Anne discovers Maleine's identity and coaxes the King to help her kill her daughter’s rival. Horrified by the murder, the prince kills Anne and then himself.

Princess Maleine of Harlingen: Elyse Kakacek
Prince Hjalmar of Ysselmonde: Jeremy Brauner
King Hjalmar of Ysselmonde: Eric Lindsey
Queen Anne: Liz Bouk
Aleta, Lady-in-Waiting to Princess Maleine: Nicholle Bittlingmeyer
The Fool: Jeffrey Mandelbaum
Petit Allan, son of Queen Anne: Megan Vanacore
Vanox, a guard of Marcellus' realm: Gabriel Hernandez
Stephano, a guard of Marcellus' realm: Connor Lidell
Prince Hjalmar's lieutenant: Shane Brown
Queen Godelive of Harlingen: Kristina Malinauskaite
King Marcellus of Harlingen: Jonathan Harris
Princess Ursula of Jutland: MaKayla McDonald
Ensemble: Addie Rose Forstman, Geddy Warner, Rick Agster, Lisa Faieta, Andrea Howland Myers, Melyn Saenz, Anna Woiwood

performed by The Curiosity Cabinet
Lindsey Eckenroth: flute
Mara Mayer: clarinets
Kristin Leitterman: oboe & english horn
Chris Foss: bassoon
Melissa Danas: horn
David Whitwell: trombone
Liann Cline: harp
Joe Tucker: percussion
Edward Forstman: piano
Adam von Housen & Charlotte Munn-Wood: violin
Dan McCarthy: viola
Maureen Kelly: 'cello
Morton Cahn: double bass
Whitney George: conductor

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