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JULY 2016



Witness one woman's journey on the road to madness, presented by Fresh Squeezed Opera and The Curiosity Cabinet. Whitney George’s hauntingly beautiful interpretation of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper lends itself to a unique multi-disciplinary experience.

The story depicts the effect of extreme loneliness and solitude, common to women of that station, on the narrator's mental health and her descent into psychosis. She becomes obsessed with the wallpaper. "It is the strangest yellow, that wall-paper! It makes me think of all the yellow things I ever saw – not beautiful ones like buttercups, but old foul, bad yellow things. But there is something else about that paper – the smell! ... The only thing I can think of that it is like is the color of the paper! A yellow smell."

Denise Crawfort’s electric performance highlights the relevance of a story about a trapped woman to modern society. Whitney George leads the Curiosity Cabinet in a humbling, thought-provoking show. Performed at the DiMenna Center, this opera transcends its Victorian setting to become resonant with contemporary audiences.

Denise Crawfort: soprano
Ryan Hill: baritone
Christine Duncan: choreographer & dancer
Aaron Blankfield: theatrical co-director
Victoria Benson: theatrical co-director
Whitney George: conductor & composer
featuring musical performances by The Curiosity Cabinet

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