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JUNE 2021


music by Whitney E. George
text by Bea Goodwin

Recorded at Scholes Studio, Brooklyn NY
Audio Engineering/Mastering by Evan Tyor

Performed by The Curiosity Cabinet:
Andrew Hadro, Tenor Saxophone
Evan Runyon, Double Bass
Joe Tucker, Percussion
Edward Forstman, Piano
Whitney George, Conductor

-with special guests-
Shabazz Green, Narrator
Geoff Pictor, Secondary Roles
Mikayla Petrilla, Vocalist

The tale of the New Orleans Axeman is a spooky one! At the conclusion of the 1919 Spanish Flu, a murderer crept through the streets causing mass hysteria. And apparently he loved jazz music. He wrote an op-ed to the Times-Picayune addressing the townsfolk of New Orleans, instructing each and every one of them, to play jazz music and a life would be spared. Presented as a radio drama for a trio of actors and accompanying jazz-based chamber ensemble, Axeman delves into the psychology of making profit off human suffering and an exploration of the American Dream.

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