Chasing Light Part II


Chasing Light is a multi-movement work inspired by photography. In photography light is always one of the principle subjects, highlighting or diminishing the other focal points within the frame. This work aims to depict light as the main subject captured in different environments, each in a separate movement. The work, scored for instrumental pierrot ensemble, is in four parts, further subdivided into four movements each.

The ideal presentation of the work is an evening-length presentation of all sections, paired with a representation of the lighting the music is meant to evoke. Music-only presentations of the work are welcome. It's preferable that the parts be performed in their entirety together (ex, all of Part I in order), but movements can be reordered and presented across parts. 

Part II consists of the following four movements:
     V. Daybreak
     VI. Lanterns
    VII. Bioluminescence 
     VIII. Prism