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  • Chasing Light is a sensory experience of light, movement and its merger, music. Whitney George's 4-part, 16 movement work for Pierrot Ensemble is inspired by her second love, photography. In photography light is always one of the principle subjects, highlighting or diminishing the other focal points within the frame. This work aims to depict light as the main subject captured in different environments, each in a separate movement. 

    Written for members of The Curiosity Cabinet since 2015, the work was completed 8 years later in 2022 and has been workshopped at Pinch Recording Studios where composer Whitney George is an artist in residence. The ensemble will be presenting the work at Irondale in December 2023 as an immersive experience with lighting designer Luther Frank.

    Part IV includes the following movements:
    13. Caustics
    14. Fireflies
    15. From Above the Clouds
    16. Among the Stars

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