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For You

  • For You is a multi-movement work for violin and piano written for and dedicated to Adam von Housen, who has been a core member of The Curiosity Cabinet for many years, and is a wonderful advocate for my music and my art. Such a passionate individual who is so dedicated to his own performative art form is incredibly inspiring, and I am honored to have been able to work with him so closely on these works. ​Taking three years to complete, the work spans six movements for the duo. While each of the movements are quite different, it is clear that the evolving relationship between the two instrumental voices in the main concern of the work. They both know each other and are strangers at the same time. When one voice reaches, another voice retreats. As one voice creates problems and obstacles, the other tries to untangle them. The work is a comment on the complexities of relationships through the lens of love: the known and the unknown.

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