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Society Parakeet from The Extinction Series (solo piano)

  • The Extinction Series is a collection of small one to six-minute miniatures written for both vocal and instrumental soloists. Each movement is a musical obituary to an extinct animal on the ever-growing extinction list. The concept for this compositional constraint was developed in 2014, and is an indeterminate and likely never-ending work, as the list of extinct animals is already daunting, and it continues to add members yearly. The sheer volume of the series is a commentary on mankind's carelessly destructive tendencies and manifest destiny attitude towards other living creatures on this planet. With this thought in mind, the composer has chosen to embark on a piece that can never be completed without the necessary reversal of our outlook on the environment and our impact on it. In regard to the presentation of the work, the soloist is encouraged to choose multiple individual movements as applicable for a performance or recording. Works can be freely ordered at the performer's discretion.

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