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Unintentional Dances

  • It’s hard not to name you—but that’s just the way things are: difficult- tangled in code and riddled with no hope of ever becoming unwound. I’ve managed to write you these four letters—unintentional dances, if you will—in remembrance of our brief time together. I could write pages over you, and have on many occasions—how could I not? You make me think that pose is poetry...that we’re living in a rich painting, saturated with color, smelling of exotic linseed oil, morphing and forever changing. I can now only hope that you recall that tender moment when we were able to dance together—and that someday you may return to it—there can be so much more of it. I have wasted too many days without you, and do not wish to continue watching them drift as if they were dry leaves in the wind—the seasons, the doors closing—do not let them shut. Return to me—my heart. It beats for you.

    I. Refuse to Die (Tango)
    II. There I am a Lie (Scherzo)
    III. As if Standing on Fishes (Waltz)
    IV. The Wingbeats of your Flight (Two-Step)

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