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Currently there are two vacancies in my private studio. 1-hour of private study is $60, and offered on a weekly basis. To schedule a lesson, please contact me at

Composition Lessons

Writing music for specific events and ensembles is something I love to do. The context of each piece created is so unique that I'll need some very basic details right off the bat:

No. 1: Why, or for whom is this piece being written?

No. 2: What is the desired instrumentation for your piece?

No. 3: Are their constraints to the length of the work?

No. 4: When and were will the work first be performed?

No. 5: Do you have specific performers in mind?

Don't worry if you don't have all of the answers to the questions above--------it's simply a place to start.

A time-frame is important: how long a piece takes to write is dependent on length and forces involved: the longer a piece, and the larger the performing ensemble, the longer the work will take. Typically a commissioned project takes anywhere from 4-12 months to complete. 

Please contact me via email at to start discussing the details of your work and quotes for the completed project and performance agreements. 

​Commissioning ​

Copywork, engraving, and part making is done using Sibelius 7 to suit publishing standards. Breadth of projects ranges from very specialized, hand drawn notation to standard charts. Samples are available upon request.

Quotes for full projects rather than on an hourly basis. Please send a .pdf of your project to to get a quote. Please be sure to include your desired turn-around time. Rush projects are possible, but typically 4-6 weeks per project is preferred. 

Engraving & Copywork

I've been conducting my own works for 7 years, ranging from small chamber ensembles to full orchestras. My portfolio favors interdisciplinary  productions involving mediums such as theater, dance, and film alongside music. I also have 5+ years of experience conducting and coaching works from the 20th c./modern repertoire. Details for your project such as: ensemble size, performance dates, etc...would be a helpful place to start. Email me at to start this dialogue.  

Conducting & Coaching

"The Curiosity Cabinet" is a chamber orchestra that I conduct and direct that is dedicated to playing works of my own, other emerging composers, and works in the 20th century repertoire. "The Cabinet" and subsets of the ensemble are also available for residencies, readings and recording sessions. Please email me at with a general time frame, performance/reading dates, and your desired instrumental ensemble.

Readings & Recordings

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