New Songs and Operatic Arias

The Fresh Squeezed Opera Company will be performing new Songs and Operatic Arias, featuring Nina Young's Void on Saturday, November 15, 2014 at 7:00pm with reception to follow at the National Opera Center (28th St & 8th Ave). Admission is free.


Jason Bahr’s Moppet Songs

Whitney George’s Selection from The Yellow Wallpaper

Wang Jie’s A Silence Older than Love

Paul Kopetz’s Selections from An Australian Backyard Suite

David Morneau’s My Song

Aleks Savitski’s Joy

Philip Warton’s Fools

Andrew Watts’s Eating Poetry

& Nina Young's Void


Jane Hoffman, soprano

Denise Crawfort, soprano

Rachel Silverman, soprano

Wayne Paul, baritone

Markus Kaitila, piano

Paul Kerekes, piano

Susan Mandel, cello

TBT, violin

TBT, viola

TBT, clarinet

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